The Samira Karara 7K Open Water North Coast Fun Swim

Event Phone: 01009608012

  • July 28, 2017
    7:00 AM - 11:00 AM

The Samira Karara 7K North Coast Open Water Fun Swim-

From Ghazala Bay to Hacienda Bay, North Coast

(In memory & honor of Mrs. Samira Karara- more details below)

When: Friday July 28, 2017

6:45 am Meeting point: Hacienda alongside Andrea (Approx. kilo 136) to park our cars & head by bus to Ghazala Bay
(Bus will leave Hacienda at 7:15am)
7:30-8:00 am Registration: Ghazala Bay
8:00-8:15   Briefing by Hazem Labib:
8:15am Swim Starts from Ghazala to Hacienda 7K
11:00/11:30 Awards & Snacks on the beach in Hacienda
(Approx. depending on when the last swimmer finishes)

Purpose of the Swim & how it all started (in case you are interested)

This fun 7K open water swim will be held in memory & honor of Mrs. Samira Karara, a self made, self determined & persistent woman who won a 7K swimming competition in Ras El Barr when she was only 17 years at a time when women were not that much involved in sports let alone swimming.

This strong willed woman happens to be the grandmother of Hussein Mesharafa who in case you don’t know, is an Ironman Triathlete who successfully completed 2 Ironman triathlons- A title only earned by a few strong willed men.

As a child, Mesharafa was notorious for being the lazy one in the family according his grandmother’s standards. For this reason he always yearned to prove to her the opposite. His wish came to fruition when one day he came across her 7K swimming certificate by chance on Facebook. This intrigued him very much & he asked himself: “Can I do the same like her? It didn’t take him that much time to decide “If she can do it, I can too”.

And that’s how the challenge began…..He decided to challenge himself & try swimming a similar 7K distance & this was the beginning of the legacy! He has been swimming from Ghazala to Hacienda in her memory & honor for the past two years now along with his dear friend Hazem Labib, who is also a renowned ironman triathlete so passionate about swimming too. Last summer of 2016, Mesharafa invited several other swimmer friends of his to try this unique swim with him & I luckily happened to be one of the them.

I immediately accepted the invitation & decided to take on this challenge too since I thrive on such challenges! Despite this though, I admit I was still a little apprehensive at first because I never swan this open water distance ever before- the maximum open water distance I swan was 3K so it was rather a challenge. To my surprise,I not only managed to complete the swim successfully, but I simply felt ecstatic while doing it! It was like a meditation swim especially in this specific spot as opposed to other spots which I swan in before in the North Coast! Why you ask? Well it’s because of this area’s exceptionally serene, translucent water & the very very clear spectacular sight of a wide variety of fish that I enjoyed watching underneath me as I was swimming which was quite peaceful & entertaining I must say! It was simply breath taking & this serenity is what kept me going for 7K nonstop. You will believe me more after you try it yourself too. It was simply the best swim I have ever done in my whole life so naturally for all those reasons I was eager to repeat this swim again this summer 2017. But this time, I thought it would be nice to push this swimming adventure to a higher level & turn it into a bigger event so that other swimmers like yourselves would enjoy the beautiful unique swim as well.

Since I have had a passion for organizing open water swims throughout Egypt during the past year, without a doubt in my mind, I suggested this to Hussein & Hazem & they willingly supported the idea very much!

So the three of us swimmers teamed up together to organize this similar swim so that you too can experience swimming in this amazing spot in honor of Mrs. Karara’s strong will & courage at a time when not that many women swimmers dared swim such open water long distances.

The swim will be from shore to shore starting from Ghazala beach with motorboats & kayaks tailing us for safety & security until we reach Hacienda Beach.

We will all meet in Ghazala at 7:00 am for registration, a short briefing & the distribution of your wrist band numbers & swim caps.

Swimming will start at 8:00 am & upon successful completion of the 7K swim, you will end up at Hacienda beach where we will all celebrate our success together with drinks & some snacks at a simple award giving reception on the beach.
At around 12ish, a bus will leave Hacienda to take you back to Ghazala where you cars are parked.

Although this will not be a race, finisher medals will be presented to all finishers. The first three women & the first three men will also receive trophies. Not only that but in honor of his grandmother, Hussein Mesharafa will also grant a special honorary trophy & prize for the first 17 year old woman who completes the swim. This trophy will be called the “The Karara 7K North Coast Open Sea Swim Trophy” & will mark the start of an annual event in her honor.

If you find that the 7K might be too much for you, you may form a team of two or three or even four & split the distance between you…so don’t worry..each person can swim as much or as little as he/she wishes–there is no minimum distance that each person has to swim as long as the team finishes the race to the finish line.

So make sure not to miss this fun, adventurous & unique swim.

We had to incur a minimal fee for this event to cover our costs. So each participant will pay 200 EGP to participate.
Indicating that you are joining the swim on FB wil not be enough so please registration will be necessary to help us to keep track of the exact numbers for organizational reasons since we do have a limit of only 50 swimmers who may participate in this event.

So hurry up & register
Here’s the Link:

See you on Friday the 28th of July
Meeting point: 6:45 am Hacienda alongside Andrea (Approx. kilo 136) to park our cars & head by bus to Ghazala Bay
Registation: 7:30-8:00 at Ghazala Bay
Briefing by Hazem Labib: 8:00-8:15
Swim Starts: 8:15am
Till we meet, keep swimming!




    1. It will be our pleasure to have you with us.
      Looking forward to meet you & swim with you Joe. CU soon


      1. Youssef Abou Bakre,if you plan to join the 7K swim on the 28th of July, please make sure to register here on this eventsmart site because we can not see your registration. If you have already registered before, please do it again as we don’t see any registrations for you. thanks a lot & looking forward to seeing you & swimming with you.


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