Fayoum Desert Open Water Swim



A Magical Open Water Swimming Adventure

Fayuom Magic Lake

Glide through the jade green and steel blue water of Magic Lake amid a stunning desert setting of yellow dunes and blue sky in this unique inland swim.

We’ll arrive Friday afternoon in Tunis, a Bohemian village known for its beautiful pottery and lush gardens and farmland. Stroll through the lanes of mud brick homes and into pottery workshops before dinner at our garden villa compound.

In the morning, we will set off in 4×4 safari vehicles to Magic Lake for amazing swims ranging from 1k to 5k according to your preference & fitness level. Then we will do a 5K barefoot run in the sand (no age groups– only according to your fitness level)- this fun / friendly challenge will be followed by a delicious Barbeque lunch by the Magic Lake in the shady tent that is setup. Afterwards, we’ll go by 4×4’s to visit the waterfalls at Wadi El Ryan, then visit the Valley of the Whales at Wadi Al Hitan, a UNESCO site with a new museum and astounding skeletons of whales from millions of years ago.

Safety: Your safety is of utmost importance to us, so rest assured that a boat with a Life Guard will be escorting swimmers along the way. An emergency first aid kit will also be available, too.

Registration:  Online registration must be completed by April 19. Registration alone does not guarantee your place; payment has to be made prior to the event in order to hold your booking.

Departure: From Cairo Friday 22nd at 1:30 pm after prayer by our bus. Arrival to Tunis Village and our lodging will be around 4:00-4:30 where we will check in, relax, explore Tunis village, shop at the pottery galleries and have an early diner & have an early night. Next morning, we will wake up at 6:00, have breakfast and at around 7:00 am, we will head to Magic Lake and start our swimming adventure.

Cost of Trip: All-inclusive 675 LE per person. This covers transportation from Cairo to Fayoum and back in an air-conditioned bus; accommodations at the Palm Shadow villas in Tunis Village; the 4×4’s to Magic Lake, the fellucas, the barbeque lunch at the lake; and the Safari to Wadi Al Hitan and the Waterfalls, the museum and finally a sunset bedouin tea by the waterfalls.

For Inquiries:

Please  Call 01009608012 anytime from 11-6 pm daily or email mastersofthesea.egypt@gmail.com

Your “Masters of the Sea” team can’t wait to serve you and share this amazing weekend with you.


Open Water Adventure Fun Swim: Marina Wadi El Dom Yacht

A Call to all Swimmers of all levels:

Important Information:

This fun open water adventure swim will prepare you for your upcoming open water competitions that you might be taking part in the next couple of months or if could be just another training for you.

From the deck of the yacht, jump off into the refreshing red sea open water & start your 1K, 2K, 3K or 5K distance according to your level while feeling very safe in your fully guided, fully equipped safety escort yacht with swim guides. So kindly make sure to indicate the distance desired in the comments portion of the registration form below.

If you need some tips to refine your strokes, you are at the right place with our swimming coach/guide who will also provide you with a technique analysis if you so wish.

If you are preparing yourself for a swimming competition, for an Aquathlon or for a Triathlon, this yacht swim trip is for you-

Here you will get a chance to practice your swimming in the open sea in order to get the feel of how open sea water swimming is different from the pool if you are a beginner & if not then it will be yet another great swimming training.

So come along & bring your swimsuits, wet-suits, your goggles, hair cap, slippers & towels & don’t forget your sunscreen. This swim will be in held in Mid March (the 19th), so you are expected to swim in a water temperature of approximately 18.0 degrees celsius as this is the average temperature during this time of the year in Ain-Sukhna.

Yes the main focus of this fun filled day is the SWIMMING but that’s not all-

You will also get a chance to get to know other swimmers & triathletes like yourself & share with them your experiences & stories– & all of us swimmers do have lots of those!

After your swim, you will chill out & relax on board the beautiful yacht while enjoying your delicious fish lunch savoring the outstanding view around you.

The yacht will embark Marina Wadi El Dome at 8:30am sharp so make sure to be there at least 15 minutes early.  It is thus recommended that you leave Cairo no later than 6:30am.

Directions & Meeting point:

Head to Ain Sukhna Road from Cairo, drive for about 30 km until you reach the cairo-sukhna gates, then drive for about 100 km until you reach the sukhna gates, drive for –km then take a left & keep driving straight until you reach Porto Sukhna. You will see Marina Wadi El Dom across the street.  Marina Wadi El Dom is in front on the opposite side- Drive in through the Marina entrance.

The list of names of the participant swimmers will be left at the main entrance with your name.

Your entrance & car parking ticket to the Marina is already included in the registration fee so make sure you are not make to pay anything at the door.

More Details:

Safety: Your safety is of utmost importance to us, so rest assured a BOAT will be going with you (line of sight) all the way while you’re swimming.

There will also be an Emergency First aid certified person on board as well as a life guard. An emergency first aid kit will also be available on board too.

Disqualify Time:                                                                                        Although we would prefer that all of you participating swimmers to consider this as a fun adventure swim training & not so much a race or a competition,we realize how important it is & how more interesting it would be for all of you if we determine the disqualify time frames for the 1K, 2K distances, the 3K distance & for the 5K distance.                                                So we are currently consulting our trusted coach & as soon as we determine the final disqualify time, we will post it here immediately.


Registration has to be done here online & once it is complete, someone will call you the next day to arrange a time & place to collect the payment in Cash from you. Online registration alone does not guarantee your place, payment has to be made prior to the event in order to hold your booking.

The maximum capacity of the yacht is 30 persons, so once we reach this number, registration will automatically close so hurry up & register if you are really keen on taking part in this fun filled swimming trip!

The deadline for the online registration is March 3rd but if we are sold out before this date, we have to close the registration.

For inquiries, call 01009608012 anytime from 4-8 pm daily!

or email: mastersofthesea.egypt@gmail.com with your questions & you will get a reply with the answer to your questions.

The cost of your open water swimming trip will be 300 LE.

10% of the proceeds will go to “Maadi Masters Swimming Team” (10% of each booking) &/or “Maadi Athletes”- so you will not only be showing off your best swimming strokes in the open sea, you will not only be socializing & getting to know like minded swimmers, enjoying your fish lunch, enjoying the sun & having a nice tan but you will also be taking part in supporting fellow athletes in reaching their athletic goals.

Looking forward to seeing/meeting you all soon!

Your “Masters of the Sea” team can’t wait to serve you & share with you this wonderful day as it promises to be.